Meet Your New Favorite Map of Jamaica Plain

Top countries of origin for foreign-born Bostonians

Boston Redevelopment Authority

Top countries of origin for foreign-born Bostonians

Who says nothing good ever came from the Boston Redevelopment Authority? Behold your new favorite map of Jamaica Plain and Boston.

This map shows the top countries of origin for foreign-born Bostonians. As you’d expect, the Dominican Republic is far and away number one for Jamaica Plain. My Dominican acquaintances tell me JP has always felt like home.

Staff at the Boston Redevelopment Authority put together this map for the whole city using Census data. The entire map is below. It’s worth zooming in to see the pockets you might not expect. If you can’t zoom in, the JP map shows, in rough descending order, that foreign born JP residents are mostly from:

  1. The Dominican Republic
  2. China
  3. Other Eastern Africa
  4. El Salvador
  5. Japan
  6. Honduras
  7. India
  8. Haiti
  9. Guatemala
  10. Canada

The map will be used as part of the Dreams of Freedom exhibit at the Pru.


  • You may want to point out that to get the best use of zomming in you need to download the PDF file. I got the image in full size on the Scribd site and couldn’t zoom in much at all.