Gummy Bear Pot Makes Appearance in JP

I was in the police station Wednesday picking up the cop log and happened into a man reporting that he’d found a marijuana-laced gummy bear.

Cherry-flavored pot-laced candy

Identity of photographer withheld at person's request

Cherry-flavored pot-laced candy

I lead a sheltered life and hadn’t seen one before. They’re packaged like a commercial candy and probably came from one of the jurisdictions where marijuana is legal or allowed for medical use.

Of course Massachusetts will soon be one of those jurisdictions, but the pot dispensaries haven’t opened yet.

This particular candy was labeled “LGH” and had a cherry flavor. The man who brought it to the police station found it during a search of rooms at a halfway house where he works. I agreed to keep his identity and that of the halfway house under wraps.

Police took custody of the candy.

Edible pot has been in the news this week. Washington Post columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about a bad trip she experienced after eating 16 times the recommended dose of a caramel-chocolate flavored candy bar she devoured while reporting on pot legalization in Colorado.

In the Bay State, 20 medical marijuana dispensaries have been approved and are expected to start opening this summer.