State Police: Choppers Over JP Are Working Security for Dominican Festival

The helicopters hovering over the Stony Brook T area are providing a platform for security observation during the Dominican Festival.

Residents took to social media Sunday evening to ask what was going on with all the choppers:

The helicopters are working security for the festival, Lt. Dan Richard of the Massachusetts State Police told Jamaica Plain News via phone.

  • JPGal

    This is so wrong. The State Police don’t do this for Wake Up the Earth and didn’t do it for yesterday’s Porchfest.

    • SageThinker

      I don’t WANT them to do it for Wake Up The Earth or anything else. I don’t know why they decided it was a good ideas for the Dominican Festival. Did the festival request the choppers and if so what for? If they didn’t request it then who decided it was needed?

      • JPGal

        I agree, SageThinker. I don’t remember there ever being State Police aerial surveillance of an event in the Southwest Corridor Park before. Why did it happen and why this event, as opposed to other events?

  • Steve

    Because there have been serious issues in the past.