Boston’s First West Nile Virus of 2014 Found in JP

The risk to humans is small, and can be further decreased by taking a few anti-mosquito steps, the Boston Health Commission says.

A mosquito pool in JP tested positive for West Nile Virus earlier this week. No humans in Boston are known to have gotten the virus yet this year, the commission reported.

To reduce the chance of you or your family being bitten, the commission recommends the following:

Wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants and use insect repellent if you’re outside from dusk to dawn

Turn over any containers that hold water, like buckets and unused flower pots

If you have gutters, keep them clean of leaves and debris so they don’t collect standing water

For West Nile Virus fact sheets in several languages, visit the commission’s news blog, which has a list.

  • Any info on where this pool is?

  • JamaicaPlainNews

    Hi J.M., the Health Commission doesn’t tend to release anything more specific than the overall neighborhood.

    • I can’t say I blame them. Still, curious minds and all that