Police Flood Arboretum Looking for Alleged Man With Rifle; None Found

File photo: The Arboretum entrance at Bussey and Walter.

Chris Helms

File photo: The Arboretum entrance at Bussey and Walter.

On Tuesday about 11:15 a.m., police responded to a report of a man walking in the Arnold Arboretum carrying a rifle. An Arboretum official praised police for their quick reaction, but the patrols didn’t turn up any such armed man.

Here’s what scanner listener stacos heard:

Boston Police Officer Neva Coakley said officers made an extensive search of the area, but found no one matching the description.

“The good news is police were highly responsive,” said Jon Hetman, communications and stewardship officer for the Harvard University tree museum.

The normally-safe Arboretum was the scene of two worrying incidents in June. In the first, three young women were pushed down and robbed. Police recovered the stolen property and made two arrests. Later in June, a woman was sexually assaulted and robbed, allegedly by a man out on bail for an earlier rape.

  • Oister

    Yeah right. I was walking into the Arboretum when the police were already there and no one stopped me. When I felt something was wrong, I went back to the gate and asked one of the officers what was going on, he said, twice, “nothing”! They should have warned and not let people go in there when they knew what was going on. Unbelievable!