‘It’s Okay to Make Money. What Is Not Okay is Exploitation.’

City Councilor Tito Jackson attacked landlord City Realty Group during a rally at one of their Egleston Square properties, saying their tactics hurt small business owners.

Housing activists organized a rally to support seven Latino-owned businesses that are in danger of being evicted or priced out of properties City Realty recently purchased at auction. The rally was held at one of those properties, 3160 Washington St.

“We will not support organizations that try to come in and bust up our neighborhoods and communities,” said Jackson.

While the businesses and City Realty have been negotiating with the tenants, the company has started eviction proceedings on several of them.

Check back later for more on Tuesday’s rally, including photos.

The Jamaica Plain News has a call in to City Realty, which did not appear to have any representatives at Tuesday’s rally.

Since the last redistricting, Jackson no longer represents Ward 11 Precinct 5, where 3160 Washington St. sits. Jackson told the crowd that he spoke to Matt O’Malley, the city councilor who does represent the street, and that though O’Malley was unable to make the rally, that he supported the protest.