Voters at The Haven Go Heavily For Scottish Independence

With 32 of 32 councils reporting, Scotland’s bid for independence failed, with 55 percent voting “no” to 45 percent in the “aye” camp. Not so at The Haven in Jamaica Plain, which held its own referendum.

Alisa Clark, a Boston journalist covering the swarm of people at the Hyde Square bar on Thursday night for the Gazette, has the numbers:

That’s at least 74 percent to 26 percent in favor of Scottish secession.

The Haven, Boston's only Scottish bar and restaurant, held its own vote on Scottish independence. Taken Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014.

Chris Helms

The Haven held its own vote.

But while it turned out to be a sad night for the “Aye” camp, the vote and excitement leading up to it were certainly a business and publicity bonanza for one of the neighborhood’s most singular establishments. In addition to the packed crowds of patrons, news crews from nearly every Boston outlet swarmed the 2 Perkins St. pub.

The Haven has posted a gallery of photos from Thursday’s big night on their Facebook page. Below is a gallery of shots Jamaica Plain News gathered during our stint reporting (and, okay, draining a pint or two).

[Editor’s note: The original post misspelled Alisa Clark’s first name.]