A Night at The Midway

Each weekday we post a random image from around the neighborhood. Here, courtesy of photographer Lindsay MacKinnon, is a shoulder-eye view of a recent night at The Midway Cafe. Singing is Bryan McPherson.

If you have a photo that screams (or even whispers) “Jamaica Plain,” here are four ways to nominate it as our “Photo of the Day”:

  • CE

    This photo is even better if you know that the two ladies pictured linking arms are getting married in JP on October 4th. Personally, I think the one on the left with the Boston skyline tattooed on her arm is the most beautiful girl in the world. Of course, being the girl on the right, I might be a tad biased.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Mazel tov! Love it. Thanks for sharing your good news.