Bicyclist Robbed of Laptop, Phone and Cash at Jamaica Pond

UPDATE: Police confirm the victim was lashed to a tree, and that other people were also robbed that night.


A man walking his bike on the footpath by the boathouse at Jamaica Pond was the victim of an armed robbery on Wednesday night.

The incident took place about 11 p.m. Wednesday, according to police logs.

Two men accosted the dismounted bicyclist. One had a black hand gun and told him to come into the bushes. Another showed a large kitchen knife, police said.

While in the bushes the robbers went into the man’s bag and took his laptop. They also searched his pockets and took his cell phone and cash from his wallet.

The victim told police his assailants left in unknown directions. The incident location was given as 33 Pond St., just down from the boathouse, in the police report.

Police Officer Neva Coakley said this is a “very active case.” While a local neighborhood watch group has sent around an email with two further —- and worrisome —— details of the robbery, police neither confirmed nor denied those aspects of the case. Jamaica Plain News is refraining from publishing those details at this time.