Bookstore Plans to Open on Green Street

As you can see from the Facebook post embedded here, a bookstore called “Papercuts” plans to open this fall in the space recently vacated by Hatched, which moved around the corner.

The bookstore already has its social media act together. You can follow their evolution on Facebook and Twitter.

Jamaica Plain News has reached out to the owners and we hope to bring you more details soon.

  • Kate Hutchinson

    Exciting! Is it new or used books?

  • JamaicaPlainNews

    Hi Kate, according to their Facebook page, they’ll be mostly new and some carefully-chosen used ones in good condition. I’ll know more soon, as Jamaica Plain News is interviewing the owner this afternoon.

  • S

    Does it bother anyone else that there is a zine library (Papercut Zine Library) that has been in the Boston area for ten years with pretty much the same name? They’re the largest lending zine library on the east coast. Seems like the owner would want to avoid that confusion or be respectful of an established organization. Just saying.

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