Arborway Crossing: No Improvements Despite DCR Report

It has been five months and counting since the DCR made public its findings that the Arborway Crossing is dangerous and in need of improvement, but so far nothing–not even a temporary measure–has been done to make the crossing safer.

For more information, see Chris Helms’ article below, as well as the DCR’s report (link below). The DCR can be contacted here:

Arborway Crossing Safety Under Examination Tuesday Night

The DCR’s report is viewable here:

  • Clay Harper

    I find this curious too, and reached out to the linked DCR Updates email address a month ago. The reply said my query was punted on to the project director, but I’ve heard nothing further. I attended DCR’s presentation to the neighborhood in May (where they showed the pdf above) and I left with the impression that they intended to upgrade the signals, the paint, and improve sightlines on the Upper Arborway by moving the fencing to the middle of the median. Many (but not all) attendees were hoping for additional safety measures not necessarily supported by DCR’s data.

    Local observers will note that instead of any of that (or the 2nd and 3rd stage improvements discussed in the pdf), DCR planted 30-some red oak saplings in the median just weeks later. That would seem to preclude moving the fence at all, and it actually reduces the sightlines. To me, those trees are a welcome addition in the long run – but they run counter to what DCR presented.

    With Casey Arborway construction about to throw existing traffic patterns into turmoil for non-locals and locals alike, it would seem that Now would be a very good time to increase safety here for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks, Clay. Interesting.