Person Shot at 338 Centre St.; Injuries Aren’t Life-Threatening

Boston Police confirm a person has been shot at 338 Centre St. The victim’s injuries aren’t life-threatening, a police spokesperson said.

Twitter user @RicanInBoston posted photo of the crime scene at Pimentel Market.

  • Kevin Doyle

    What a surprise. A dozen or so kids (not Harvard grads) hanging out, intimidating passersby, and clearly looking for trouble for a half hour prior. Walked past them quickly, made no eye contact and moved on. Came back from Stop & Shop and there’s cops everywhere. Haha!

    • I live in jp

      That’s not funny no matter who you are you don’t deserve to be attempted to be killed these are still young boys you a bitch if you afraid stay home N keep your mouth zipped Kevin Doyle matter fact one of them is going to Harvard don’t judge a book by it cover n if you thinking laughing at people getting shot is funny guess karmas gonna get you shame on you Kevin Doyle bitch

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Editor’s note: I removed a comment that while making some valid points, used curse words.

    • Tod

      How do you know they weren’t Harvard grads?

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