Gas Drops Below $3/Gallon in JP

Cheap gas isn’t the first that leaps to mind when you think of JP. But according to AAA, several stations in the neighborhood are selling fuel at 24 cents below Boston averages.

Local artist Jessica Burko started a Twitter frenzy Thursday with this message:

A check of other stations shows Gibbs’ $2.93 for regular isn’t an outlier. Other JP stations with below-$3-gas as of Thursday included:

  • JP Gas, 561 Centre St. — $2.93
  • Hatoff’s, 3440 Washington St. — $2.99
  • JP Oil, 525 Centre St. — $2.99
  • Source:

Those are all well below the $3.175 average for Boston on Thursday, according to AAA.

Is this some kind of JP gas war?