JP Votes 80 Percent For Coakley, 15 Percent for Baker

A look at the precinct-by-precinct results shows Jamaica Plain went heavier for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley than the rest of the city did.

While Boston as a whole went 66 percent to 30 percent for Coakley over Governor-elect Charlie Baker, JP voters chose Coakley by an 80-15 margin.

Independent Evan Falchuk made a slightly stronger showing in JP than in Boston: 3.5 percent in the neighborhood and 2.8 percent city-wide.

But while JP was overwhelmingly for Coakley, there were differences among precincts. Residents of Moss Hill, with its suburban feel, also voted more like suburbanites. Ward 19, Precinct 2 gave Republican Baker his best showing in JP with 35 percent of that precinct’s vote.

Coakley ran up her biggest margin, percentage-wise, in Parkside’s Ward 11 Precinct 5, garnering a whopping 89 percent of that precinct’s votes.

If you’d like to dive down into the ward and precinct numbers yourself, we’ve crunched them into a Google doc that’s more readable than the raw data at the city’s web site.

  • JP Progressives

    Thank you JP News. The JP Progressives just posted our breakdown of the results for the Governor’s Race, AG’s Race, and the four ballot measures.


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    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks! Great resources, and saves me some number-crunching.

      I see you and I chose slightly different precincts as what constitutes JP. I put Ward 10, Precinct 8 in JP and considered 11-3 to be Roxbury. I know the borders can be up for debate at times, but for future breakdowns I’ll use the precinct lineup that you have.

  • JP Progressives

    I noticed the difference as well. We struggle with how to think about 10-8. It is in 02130. But it sure seems to identify more as Mission Hill. In this case we included 11-3 because JP organizations were playing a role in that area than we have in the recent past. Up for further discussion. Ultimately it has little impact on the final numbers.