Blanchards Sign Comes Down

Workers took down the iconic Blanchards neon sign on Wednesday. A new sign with a similar design is scheduled to be installed on Thursday.

The neon sign has been in place since the 1960s, said Mike Denson, general manager of Blanchards Wine & Spirits’ 741 Centre St. location.

While the sign has become an indelible symbol of Centre/South, at any given time letters wouldn’t come on. Denson said the company had spent thousands in repairs over the years to no avail.

“I’m excited to see a sign that works,” Denson said.

Barlo Signs of Hudson, N.H. did the work of removing the sign.

But what will happen to the old sign? Both Denson and a worker for Barlo Signs said it will likely be scrapped. Resident Steve Garfield wondered on Facebook if the sign might not find a home at the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati.

Denson said the old sign suffered from snow and rain and that parts of the neon kept going out. There was a two-year city process to get approval for a new sign, he said. The new one will look like the old one except it will no longer have an arrow pointing to the Blanchards parking lot.

  • Just last week I was wondering if they were ever going to fix up or replace the sign. It’s a nice sign but it was definitely showing its age. I look forward to seeing the new sign tomorrow.

  • mjb918

    it will be interesting to see what goes up in its place. their current “identity” isn’t particularly impressive (Apple Techno? Seriously?), so I can’t help but imagine the new sign will be similarly undistinguished since they bought off on their current look. If they use Techno for the sign, well, they’ll be a laughing stock.

    • They didn’t have the new sign up as of just before noon. I probably won’t be able to check again today, but I’ll snap a picture of the new sign when it goes up and if Chris hasn’t posted one yet I’ll get it up to Instagram tagged for the JPNews.

      • JamaicaPlainNews


  • Gone are the days when I would chuckle walking down Centre and seeing a giant sign saying “D Liquors”. **sigh**

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