Harvest to Shutter South Street Store in Mid-April

Harvest Coop announced Tuesday it would close its 57 South St. grocery store, saying the “trajectory of the business model has become unsustainable.”

The announcement — not unexpected in many quarters — comes one week after members of the coop packed a board meeting to talk about the possible closure.

At that meeting, held Jan. 5, only members of the coop were allowed in to the tiny Forest Hills Street room where the meeting was held. As resident Kendra Nordin previously reported, the meeting was held in two shifts to accommodate all 60 people who showed up.

The patio outside the Harvest Coop on South Street

Chris Helms

The patio outside the Harvest Coop on South Street

The store’s lease was set to expire Feb. 28. A deal with landlord Dean Rusk extends the lease to April 30.

Last Tuesday, Lila Givens and the grocery chain’s board of directors announced they’d come to a decision. But that decision — to shutter the store — wasn’t announced until Tuesday.

Harvest opened a second JP location near Forest Hills Station. The stores are .7 miles apart. That’s a walk of roughly 15 minutes.

The coop’s board said South Street has been operating at a loss for the past three fiscal years.

“From its peak in 2009, sales in South Street have declined 32 percent through the most recent fiscal year and over 6 percent currently year to date,” they said in a statement on the Harvest website. ‘Costs for rent, payroll, maintenance, repairs, utilities and other services have continued to increase.”


  • Hugo_JP

    Considering that there aren’t many grocery options on the south end of JP, it’s too bad that the Coop didn’t have the business acumen to make this location work.

  • eddie

    The new one is nice and clean. This location is pretty nasty. Good decision.

  • Peppy

    I have a problem believing that closing the South St. location wasn’t the plan from the beginning. They open a new modern (hopefully clean) store with parking a mile away and anyone is surprised the dirty old location suddenly can’t make a go of it? Give me a break.

  • Ben

    I turned in my membership and stopped shopping here because the prices are 2-3x what they are at my local neighborhood grocer, America’s Food Basket in Dorchester, for higher quality organic produce. They are frequently out of stock on common items like Stonyfield yogurt or organic bananas. When the bananas are in stock they are not ripe and do not ripen. The store is a mess. Why pay for a membership to a place that is consistently out of stock and messy? That’s what’s killed this location.

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