Letter to the Editor: Statement of Support for Casey Arborway

Final configuration of Casey Arborway, as drawn in June 2014.

Department of Transportation

Final configuration of Casey Arborway, as drawn in June 2014.

On behalf of our membership we hereby reiterate our support for MassDOT’s Casey Arborway Project in Jamaica Plain.

Planned over many years by scores of professional engineers and architects in cooperation with dozens of organizations and thousands of engaged citizens, the Casey Arborway Project represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance commuting infrastructure for cars, buses, trains, cyclists and pedestrians in a transit hub vital to the economic life of Boston and the region.

The project will also improve recreational and commuting connections within the Emerald Necklace, an historic park system that benefits the entire region.

Julie Crockford

President, Emerald Necklace Conservancy

Pete Stidman

Executive Director, Boston Cyclists Union

Mark Tedrow

LivableStreets Alliance

Wendy Landman


Nina Brown

Arboretum Park Conservancy

Michael Epp

Sumner Hill Association

Sarah Freeman

Arborway Coalition

Mark Navin

Arborway Gardens Condominium Association

Jody Barr

Lower South Street Neighborhood Association

Clayton Harper


  • Hugo_JP


  • Kate Hutchinson

    Agreed! I am very much looking forward to a long stretch of green by my house!

  • Asticou_JG

    Thanks for all your hard work! Let’s tear it down!

  • FartFace

    Can’t wait for this construction to begin, as well as the construction along Washington St. Currently, those areas are grim as hell…crime, vagrants, filth, general decrepitude. Whenever I walk through there I pretend I’m the guy in The Road.

  • Highgreen

    Of course the Cyclists Union supports it. They’ll simply ride through all the red lights while law abiding motorists sit tangled up in the inevitable traffic.

    • kinopio

      Remind me again who kills 30,000 people in the US every year: cyclists or these supposed “law abiding motorists”?