Commish Praises ‘Tremendous Restraint’ of Officers Not Returning Fire

At least one suspect in Wednesday’s fatal shooting fired at pursuing police officers on the mid-day streets of Pondside. None of the cops returned fire. Two people, including the person who allegedly shot at police, were taken into custody.

Police Commissioner William Evans praised their restraint in a post on the department’s blog.

“None of our officers were injured,” Evans said, “but again used tremendous restraint and regard for the safety of the public when quickly reacting and detaining these two individuals.”

Boston Police Officer Neva Coakley said the incident took place about 10:32 a.m. Wednesday in the area of 891 Centre St. According to police, an officer on patrol heard the shot and went to investigate. He saw one victim on the ground. He and other officers chased two suspects, at least one of whom shot at them.

Two people are in custody. Coakley said some or all of those involved in the incident were part of the Roca Program, which aims to help the city’s most “at-risk” young men to leave lives of crime.

Evans, the city’s top cop, addressed media at the scene, calling the area “pretty quiet.”

“[It’s] a nice, peaceful neighborhood,” Evans said. “It’s disturbing. I feel bad for the neighbors here.”

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