Mail Delivery Problems Plague Jamaica Plain

Several residents have told Jamaica Plain News that they’ve received no mail for three or more days.

“I don’t know what the problem is,” said Polly Puner of Perkins Street, who hasn’t had mail delivered since Wednesday.

Puner, who lives across from the MSPCA, said her newspaper gets delivered every day, so why not the U.S. mail?

A Bourne neighborhood resident, who did not want to give her name, has stopped relying on the Post Office for delivery of her medications. Instead, she picks them up in person now.

Richard Heath, who also lives in the Bourne neighborhood, said he and his wife have not received mail in four days.

Another Bourne resident Tweeted about the missed mail:

Puner said she got through to the JP Post Office late Saturday and was told that mail carriers are out there and to call again Monday if the problem continues.

The JP Post Office has been in the news recently as candidate for a possible relocation away from their custom-built digs at 655 Centre St.

If you’ve missed several days’ worth of mail and would like to be a part of a follow-up story, please contact Jamaica Plain News at

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  • CharlesMcEnerney

    My guess the problem is that delivering the mail is taking a lot longer each day given all the paths and channels the letter carriers are having to go through to get to mail boxes. They are probably doing smaller routes each day in order to get it all done, though it would be good if people knew that was the plan. I have also not received mail for a few days a few times, but honestly it’s mostly bills these days anyway, so they can wait!

  • Richard Heath

    This is an epidemic problem of a dysfunctional post office. People need their mail . It is NOT late mail it is NO mail for four days. If home health care workers and other care givers can get to houses then so can postal carriers. Mail carriers have a job.They get paid and we get nothing. I have heard excuse after excuse. Carriers are tired. Arent we all. Carriers cant complete their routes That is unprofessional. The latest one is that postal rely boxes are backed up with snow The MBTA digs out bus stops the post office can dig out post boxes. We pay for subscriptions and we get important documents – like W 2 forms and other invoices by mail. The phone at the JP post office has not been answered for days. I have called repeatedly Friday and Sat. Call the post office consumer affairs office on Monday. The mail canNOT wait for some of us.

  • Hugo_JP

    I imagine a lot has to do with the poor state of our sidewalks. It remains an obstacle course to walk along the side streets so I’m not surprised the mail delivery is slowed down. The sidewalks are OUR responsibility so if you’re not getting mail, check your sidewalks, clear them and hound your neighbors to clear theirs out.

  • Mitch_JP

    Thought I was just unpopular. Guess not.

  • Malena

    umm, now I understand why we got two mail deliveries on Friday by different letter carriers and none Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. what happened to “neither rain nor snow”….????

  • Richard Heath

    Today marks FIVE working days of no mail deiivery on Bourne Street ,The hapless customer “service” people I have talked with at the Jamaica Plain 02130 Office have NO answers and cannot guarantee mail delivery despite constant calls. i urge one and all to contact Congr Lynch and request a public hearing on a dysfunctional 02130 post office which is posing a serious problem to the lives of residents who are not getting important bills that must be paid or invoices or subscriptions. or checks or family mail

  • JP Guy

    Here’s the internal # for the post office (in case people didn’t know): 617.524.1611

  • Bloody hell, the more things change the more they stay the same, eh? It seems to me the last time we had to deal with this mail was found in snowbanks as I’ve heard is happening this time. I suspect we’ll eventually hear the old trope about not having enough manpower to deliver all the mail that comes in, and blame will be spread all over the decrease in people using the mail service and doing more online, as well as on the letter carriers’ union causing so much money to be spent on each carrier that they don’t have the funds to pay more carriers. Personally both of those remind me of what an old pastor said as the definition of an excuse: the shell of a truth stuffed with a lie.

    No matter how things shake out this is absolutely unacceptable, especially since it’s a rerun, and it’s once again time to get some really big boots (mayor, city council, other elected officials who can carry some weight) to jump on the USPS until this gets resolved once and for all.

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  • Maureen Boyes

    I’m On Eastland Road and have a good relationship with my regular mail carrier, Kevin Bain. The others seem incompetent…late as well as wrong deliveries. I even found my neighbors tax form amongst mine in Kevin’s absence. I’m Thinking that Kevin might be sick or away. Frustrated yes, but not with Kevin until and unless I know the facts.