Mayor Lifts 48-Hour Space Saver Rule

Pondside space saver, February 2015

Chris Helms

Pondside space saver, February 2015

Mayor Marty Walsh says go ahead and use space savers past the “Menino rule” of 48 hours from the end of a snow emergency, according to an interview with the Herald and a slight wording change on the city’s Website.

“There’s no parking out there in the city,” he told the Herald. “There are snowbanks in the city that just haven’t melted at all.”

The city’s Web site, which used to advise to use space savers for no more than 48 hours after the end of a snow emergency, as of Monday instead says, “Space savers are meant to be used on a short term basis, with 48 hours as a guideline.”

Space savers have become flash points on some of Jamaica Plain’s crowded streets, with tires reportedly being slashed and passive-aggressive sign wars erupting.

  • Richard Heath

    A very good idea about space savers. Ive lived here since 1973 and always considered it fair practice even tho I’ve been lucky in all those years to have a driveway. When we lived on Forest Hills Street it was a routine which no one panicked about. as people seem to be doing today.

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