‘Havana Pete’s’ Could Bring Beer & Seafood Next to Green Street T

Neighborhood builder Chris DeSisto has proposed a new building right across Amory from Green Street Station that would have 15 apartments and a second-floor restaurant.

DeSisto spoke to Jamaica Plain News Friday in advance of a Tuesday neighborhood meeting where he’ll pitch the need for a liquor license. The restaurant would tentatively be called “Havana Pete’s.” An earlier name — “Redneck Pete’s” — didn’t get rave reviews, DeSisto said.

The new mixed-use building at 450 Amory St. would be across Green Street from DeSisto’s first Bartlett Square building, which features condos and Cafe Bartlett Square.

Plans for the restaurant are still developing, but DeSisto said it would likely be a casual place for cold beer and fresh seafood.

Bartlett Square Properties LLC will be on the agenda at the next meeting of the Public Service Committee of the JP Neighborhood Council. The meeting will be just around the corner from the proposed development, at the District E-13 Police Station, 3347 Washington St., on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

DeSisto will be seeking a common victualer license, an all-alcohol license for 11 a.m. to midnight and a seasonal patio with 32 seats with a separate closing time of 9:30 p.m. The entertainment license sought would be for recorded music and TVs only, not live music.

Egleston Square and the Washington Street corridor are seeing a wave of development. Other proposed projects nearby include a mixed-use development for 3200 Washington, condos and retail at the old Royal Fried Chicken property plus a large mixed-use development at McBride and Washington (the old Flanagan & Seaton property.)

  • rb

    Redneck Pete’s was the original choice!?

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      That’s what’s on their Licensing Board application, according to a Herald reporter: https://twitter.com/DGoodison/status/571420750269128704

      • FartFace

        Please, please lord almightly, inspire Chris Desisto with a less stupid name, amen.

        • RA

          So says ‘FartFace’

  • kinopio

    Anything is better than the empty dirt lot that is there now. Its ridiculous to have empty lots right next to T stations.

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  • FartFace

    I’m totally down for an East Coast Grill-style seafood joint, but for the love of god do not put a place called “Havana Pete’s” in my neighborhood. It sounds like some awful concession stand at a Six Flags.

    • Peppy

      That’s the same thought I had when I read about this…what an idiotic and unappetizing name. It sounds like another crappy made up name for a chain restaurant, like Olive Garden and Applebee’s, designed to attract the unimaginative, brainless, suburban crowd.

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