Boston Yeti Swag Sale Benefits JP’s MSPCA

Bookmark/sticker of Boston Yeti

Etsy store:

Bookmark/sticker of Boston Yeti

Arguably the best thing to emerge from the city’s crappy winter was the Boston Yeti. Now the social media Sasquatch is putting his fame to work raising money for fellow fur bearers.

On Sunday the Boston Yeti announced a new Etsy store was selling pins, bookmarks and stickers emblazoned with his image. Last we checked, the pins were sold out, but maybe they’ll restock.

Proceeds from the sales go to help animals at the JP-based Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Rob Halpin, spokesman for the nonprofit agency, told the Associated Press he was happy the Himalayan visitor was leveraging his social media profile to help animals.

“Blizzard after blizzard, the Yeti was a constant source of amusement and mystery for everybody just to get through the winter,” Halpin told the AP. “It’s wonderful that the Yeti would surface in the spring to aid his fellow four-legged friends who are in shelters.”

Here are some Boston Yeti sightings from our seemingly-never-ending winter, including one recently in City Hall’s top office: