Jamaica Plain Woman Indicted for Allegedly Faking Bombing Injuries

Screen shot of GoFundMe page for Joanna Leigh


Screen shot of GoFundMe page for Joanna Leigh

Joanna Leigh, a Jamaica Plain woman who collected nearly $40,000 from the One Fund and other donation sources, stands accused of faking her injuries.

WCVB reports that Leigh has been indicted on several counts of stealing donations.

Leigh claims to have run toward the scene after hearing the first bomb, but investigators say she was actually blocks away from the explosions. Leigh said she suffered brain damage, hearing loss and is experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This summer, the JP resident’s new service dog went missing, sparking a hunt that was among our most-read stories of the year.

Prosecutors say she bilked people out of money in several ways, including a GoFundMe page named “Joanna Leigh – Boston Hero” that raised more than $9,000. The page now appears to have been taken down, but there’s a screen grab above.

[Editor’s note: We’ve updated the amount of money Leigh is accused of stealing.]

  • This guy

    What a POS

  • ImmodestyBlaise

    Did the plastic surgery come before or after the marathon?

  • mjb918

    the page is still live, and interestingly, she appears not to have created the page herself.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Here’s what prosecutors say in an email I just received: “That web site refers to Leigh in the third person but evidence suggests it was created, maintained, and updated using her email address. “

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