Cops: Man Pummels T Worker at Forest Hills Station

Dion Stickter, 45, of Boston

Transit Police

Dion Stickter, 45, of Boston

Transit Police say a man lashed out with his fists Wednesday night when a T worker tried to wake him up.

The man was sleeping in a car that had pulled in to Forest Hills Station, which is the end of the Orange Line. On waking up, the man “struck the female employee with a closed fist multiple times about her torso area.” The incident began shortly before 9:40 p.m.

Police say the trouble didn’t stop there. The man allegedly used racial epithets against officers as well.

Police arrested Dion Stickter, 45, of Boston and charged him with assault and battery on a public employee and trespassing. He is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday at West Roxbury District Court in Forest Hills.

  • paul roche

    This guy has been harassing people while panhandling around Forest Hills for months