Visual Guide: Boston 2024’s Plans for Franklin Park

As Boston 2024 moves forward with its Olympic bid, many are still unsure of what what means for the City of Boston, including frequent users of Franklin Park. Here’s a quick visual guide to what’s on the table.

Boston 2024 CEO Richard Davey assured a roomful of skeptical residents surrounding the park that “we expect significant change,” back in March during a spirited public meeting at the Franklin Park Golf Clubhouse.

According to page 9 of Boston2024’s proposal to host the Olympic Games, the committee would increase White Stadium’s seating to 20,000 for the Modern Pentathlon as well as Equestrian events. It would provide room for a whopping 60,000 througout the William J. Devine Golf Course for viewing Equestrian Cross Country. An interactive map of the details are below, as well as a chart summarizing how Franklin Park may be affected.

  • Hugo_JP

    It would be interesting to know how Boston 2024 plans to get 20,000 people (or 60,000) for one of these events? Bar local residents from using the Orange line and bus lines during the Olympics so that visitors can get to Franklin Park?