The Story Behind Those Pinecones

Thanks to the sleuths at Universal Hub, here’s the origin of a “Resist” poster found this week on a pier of the soon-to-be-demolished Casey Overpass.

The pinecone is a symbol of Resist X Reason. We haven’t spoken to the folks at Resist X Reason, but from their Instagram account, it seems Jamaica Plain resident Ivan Richiez is one of the people behind it. The South Street man has been a prominent advocate against “stop and frisk” policing, among other issues.

Here’s a video Richiez did with the ACLU about his experience being stopped again and again by police in his own community:

  • hydesquare

    Stop and frisk is wrong, but I don’t think that’s justification to vandalize someone else’s property with their stickers.

    • Pat Roberts

      People who do that usually believe that their cause is just, so they don’t need to follow the rules that apply to everyone else. It makes for a society with no laws or rules, because everyone claims to be special. “It’s my culture” (so the rules don’t apply to me) is another example of this attitude and practice.