Neighbor: Casey Work Vibrates My House

UPDATE, Tuesday, May 5: The resident reports that Casey project officials agreed to send a vibration consultant to his home and they may install vibration monitors.


A man who lives close to the massive Casey Arborway project said recent construction is shaking the foundations of his and his neighbors’ homes.

The man, who asked Jamaica Plain News not to disclose his name, gave this report on Saturday’s work by Barletta Heavy Construction. The Casey Overpass is being torn down and replaced with a network of surface roads:

“Barletta worked from 7 a.m. [Saturday] to 6 p.m., extending the expected work day from the planned 3:30 p.m. stop time. [Saturday’s] work continued to remove a large brick wall facing the homes of residents on Hampstead Road and Arborway. The work required deep-impact penetration into the bridge foundation and steel work underground, causing significant vibrations in homes as reported by residents. In place of the brick wall, the crew paved a new traffic lane that will accommodate vehicles when Casey Overpass is finally closed for demolition.”

MassDOT’s Michael Verseckes says that according to the project’s contract, these are the hours for construction:

Monday through Friday – 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Saturday – 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Sunday – By permission only

Any night work requires approval from MassDOT, Verseckes said, and must be scheduled so that neighbors get two weeks’ advance notice.

State officials have set up a hotline for complaints and comments about the project: 617-571-7878.

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[Editor’s note: We’ve updated this story with a response from MassDOT.]

  • Hugo_JP

    Boo hoo. I had to listen to N-Star/Eversource grind & dig all day long on Saturday on Centre Street. While I didn’t like it, I prefer my infrastructure to be structurally sound and working rather than falling apart and not working.

  • Jan

    We on Beacon Hill fail to sympathize with JPers who are experiencing noise and vibrations from construction work. WE have had constant jackhammers and more tearing up our streets for more than a year and with another year to go – all for the updating of underground gas lines, with the laying of new pipes, etc. It’s for safety, so why should we complain?

  • AKH

    Give me a break. Someone should go back in the archives and see if there were any “significant vibration” complaints lodged back when the Overpass was originally constructed.

  • Sally

    Honestly…I’m so tired of the endless sky-is-falling rhetoric from the overpass folks. Non-existent asbestos, “lethal” silica dust, now “vibrations?” Come on. Make a non-anonymous complaint and show us the cracks in your foundations and then we’ll talk. You could not pay me enough to go to that meeting tonight.

    • Clay Harper

      Even at this juncture it is very important that supporters of the project – particularly those with legitimate construction questions – show up, voice their support and have those questions answered.

    • hydesquare

      Usually when someone has to begin a statement with “Honestly” It’s a pretty sure sign that what they are about to say is anything but.
      Advice for Sally: Possibly, if you could bring yourself to turn yours off for one minute, maybe you’d feel those other vibrations.

      • Sally

        Super klassy reply and not creepy at all. Honestly. :). I hope you’re saving some of that razor sharp wit and edgy misogyny for the meeting tonight. I have other plans.

        • JamaicaPlainNews

          Sally, thank you for standing up for yourself. We aim for these boards to be friendlier than this.

          hydesquare, please refrain from making personal attacks. We’ll delete them.