See the Last Car to Ever Cross the Casey Overpass

A black Toyota Camry was the last car to ever cross the doomed Casey Overpass. The historic moment came at 3:53 p.m. on Saturday.

The flyover carried traffic from when it opened in the mid-1950s to Saturday. It is being replaced with a network of surface roads.

Here’s how to get through the new configuration whether you’re driving, biking or walking.

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  • FartFace

    Does anyone else think that the bridge’s support structures are strangely beautiful? I wish they would save one or two of them as art pieces…they might be cool looking if an artist painted them or something.

    • Hugo_JP

      Not a bad idea but its probably a little late in the game to incorporate one or two of the supports into the new design. Sadly they can’t even be demolished and re-purposed like the old railroad viaduct stones 30 years ago.

  • FartFace

    …and, PS, traffic was a NIGHTMARE today on the JWay, Centre St., and South St.,

    • Ed Barrett

      Yes – it would be good if one or two of the less obtrusive supports were saved. Traffic tie-ups? This is what life is going to be like without an attractive new bridge – get used to it.

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