Alumni of JP’s Footlight Club Makes It Big on ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Well-placed sources in the JP acting community confirm that Mike Houston, an alumni of the neighborhood’s Footlight Club, is appearing regularly on Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer.”

In the above clip, (which has NSFW language), Houston plays “Jeff” as he attempts to learn the secrets of Female Emotional Combat.

In addition to the above skit, Houston was in this season’s (highly NSFW) “Twelve Angry Men.” He and members of his troupe, The Collective, often appear on the show.

Houston’s first appearance with the Footlight Club was in Psycho Beach Party.

  • kmacjp

    Thank you for this story! We are so proud of Mike Houston!
    Random: Jamie Alley, who played “Provolone” alongside Mike’s “Kanaka” in Psycho Beach Party, is directing The Cat’s Meow, which opens this weekend and runs through June 21. Another cast mate, Liz Laneri, is in the show!