Jackson Square, Circa 1960

For our Photo of the Day on Thursdays, we highlight an image of old JP. This nearly unrecognizable view of Jackson Square in about 1960 is from the photo collection of the Boston Public Library.

Each weekday we post an image from around the neighborhood.

If you have a photo that screams (or even whispers) “Jamaica Plain,” here are three ways to nominate it as our “Photo of the Day”:

  • Jameson

    Can someone help place exactly where that was taken? The whole foreground was completely leveled and reorganized. It looks like somewhere near where the busway exits Colombus, based on the water tower? Maybe?

    • Bill

      To the right of the picture is where Centre St came under the RR and the best Ribs around was sold next to the RR overpass in a vacant lot.

  • Hugo_JP

    I’m pretty sure its taken from up on the New Haven RR embankment looking northeast. The intersection might be where Heath Street now meets Columbus.