Crime Map: Suburban Visitors Charged With Drug Offenses

Here are highlights from the police blotter for Jamaica Plain from Monday, June 1 through Sunday, June 7. You can view incidents in the interactive map above and a text list below.

The time listed is when the incident allegedly took place, not when it was reported. Arrests and charges are not convictions.

Date Time Incident Location
April 24 12:00 PM A supplemental report was filed in an incident of criminal harassment 6 Driftwood Road
May 23 01:30 AM Residential break-in (force) 27 Chestnut Ave.
May 24 07:30 PM Bicycle theft ($50-199) 48 Carolina Ave.
May 25 03:00 PM Assault and battery 467 Centre St.
May 26 10:00 AM Larceny in a building ($200 and over) 327 Forest Hills St.
May 26 04:30 PM Assault with a dangerous weapon (gun) 9 Walden St.
May 30 12:55 PM A supplemental report was filed in an assault and battery 279 Centre St.
June 1 12:20 AM License premise violation 3498 Washington St.
June 1 12:50 AM License premise violation (at The Brendan Behan) 378 Centre St.
June 1 08:13 AM Robbery, chain store (other weapon) 301 Centre St.
June 1 09:15 AM Threats to do bodily harm 3060 Washington St.
June 1 10:37 AM Taylor Ashley Lyden, 300 Second Ave. #3131, Needham, was arrested and charged with possession of class A drugs (class includes heroin) 301 Centre St.
June 1 01:00 PM Threats to do bodily harm 5 Woodside Ave.
June 1 03:05 PM A Boston man was arrested and charged on an unspecified warrant Centre Street
June 1 05:00 PM Larceny (motor vehicle plates) 302 Wachusett St.
June 2 12:20 AM Larceny, other (under $50) 934 Parker St.
June 2 12:26 AM Ballistics evidence found 925 Parker St.
June 2 05:45 AM Sudden death 434 Jamaicaway
June 2 09:30 AM Residential break-in (force) 37 Lee St.
June 2 11:00 AM Ballistics evidence found 928 Parker St.
June 3 08:50 PM Drugs, sick assist (other narcotics) 8 Beethoven St.
June 4 12:42 AM Assault and battery (a supplemental report was also filed) 10 Ernst St.
June 4 10:05 AM Hit-and-run with personal injury 1990 Columbus Ave.
June 4 10:44 AM Indecent exposure 493 Centre St.
June 4 11:08 AM Threats to do bodily harm 493 Centre St.
June 4 08:57 PM Ballistics evidence found 42 School St.
June 4 10:27 PM Assault and battery 61 Walden St.
June 5 09:50 AM Residential break-in (no force) 15 Ackley Place
June 5 10:00 AM Residential break-in (force) 25 Wyman St.
June 5 06:30 PM Vandalism 25 Custer St.
June 5 10:00 PM Assault and battery 49 Robinwood Ave.
June 5 10:43 PM Evading fare 934 Parker St.
June 5 11:15 PM Larceny, non-accessory, from a vehicle (under $50) 28 Newbern St.
June 6 01:00 AM Larceny, other ($50 to $199) 9 Kenney St.
June 6 03:00 PM Assault and battery Jamaicaway
June 6 06:46 PM Megan Kathleen Keffe, 32 Eliot Road, Arlington, was arrested and charged with possession of class E drugs with intent to distribute Centre Street
June 7 10:47 AM Angie Brevil, 3 Atherton St., Roxbury, was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (other) 3 Atherton St.
June 7 04:00 PM Bicycle theft ($50-199) 100 Boylston St.
June 7 06:19 PM Motor vehicle accident with personal injury Boylston Street
June 7 10:04 PM Assault and battery 3145 Washington St.

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  • Pat Roberts

    I’m interested that you didn’t choose to report much of the Washington Street crime. You list 3 incidents in 44 days. The JP Gazette crime report lists 14 Washington Street incidents in the 14 days between May 17 and May 31. Since there is public discussion these days about whether Washington Street should be changed with new housing, it would be helpful if you would give non-Washington Street residents a little clearer picture of life there. This report is somewhat misleading.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks for the close read, Pat. This log is just for the days June 1-7. The Gazette and Jamaica Plain News get the same log directly from police. My apologies, since I let several weeks go by without posting the log. I try to go back so there’s a complete record, but right now it’s missing several recent weeks.