Four-Story ‘Bartlett Square 2’ Proposed for Lot Beside Green Street T

Rendering of "Bartlett Square 2" as proposed in a June 2015 filing with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Bartlett Square Properties LLC

A Jamaica Plain builder who in March failed to get support from a bellwether neighborhood committee for the liquor license he’ll need for a casual seafood restaurant next to Green Street T has filed plans for the entire development.

Chris DeSisto of Maple Hurst Builders aims to anchor a new multi-use building at the corner of Green and Amory with a restaurant. “Bartlett Square 2” would mirror many aspects of his existing Bartlett Square building across the street. Differences include that instead of condos, the new building would have 15 apartments, office space and retail.

The JP Neighborhood Council’s Public Service Committee deadlocked in March on whether to back the booze license. DeSisto recently filed plans for the entire development with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

For neighbors eager to see details, here’s the full filing DeSisto made with the city.

A key issue for some neighbors at the March meeting was whether DeSisto was putting the cart before the horse by seeking a liquor license before his larger plans for the entire building have gained neighborhood and city approval.

The restaurant, “Havana Pete’s,” would serve seafood. Its capacity would be similar to DeSisto’s existing Cafe Bartlett Square across the street. In addition to a first-floor restaurant and patio, plans call for a mezzanine with more seating and a second bar.

  • kinopio

    Totally in favor of this building. Its ridiculous to have a gross dirt parking lot anywhere in Boston, but especially so in a good location right across from a T station.

  • kmacjp

    I’m good with it as long as there is sufficient off-street parking for the residences and the restaurant.

  • Lisa Marie Garver

    Well, considering that it looks like this joint would take over the amazing place where I get affordable therapy– YEA NO. The Cafe at Bartlett square is OVER PRICED and I am SURE that the seafood stuff across the street will be more of the same. The fact that he’s putting apartments instead of condo’s doesn’t help. Why? Because the apartments will not be affordable. Gaurunteed. This is just typical gentrification. Developers are trying to destroy that affordable latin quarter of JP. Hiring minorities and building expensive apartments doesn’t help uplift the community!! Is there going to be a town hall for this??

    • FartFace

      Pretty sure it’s an empty dirt lot right now…

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Hi Lisa Marie, thanks for commenting. The layout from the plans indicates this would not take place of the building housing Arbor Counseling Services. As FartFace says, it would take place of an empty lot.

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        I’m just gonna reply to you because A: I have made it a habit not to respond to people on the internet with name like “fart face” and B: You have the layout.

        Ideas for the lot other than a bougie restaurant and apartments that nearby neighbors and locals displaced by gentrification will NOT be able to afford:

        1. Community Garden for Residents on the poorish side of the Orange Line.

        2. HMM AFFORDABLE apartments and ONLY apartments for people/families recovering from homelessness or condo-flip displacement.

        3. Affordable grocery store.

        4. Affordable office space for one of the many amazing NPO’s that all live on this side of the tracks.

        FYI its not a “dirt lot” its actually paved, almost always has cars parked there including the fresh food truck that is an NPO that apparently died and I really don’t think its as big as these designs imply.

        I found out about this news site at WAKE UP THE EARTH. I am a little bit confused that you weren’t aware of the type of audience that you were reaching out to. Thanks for letting me know about this. I will spread the word so I can try and stop it from happening.

        –Lisa Marie

        • Mr. Magoo doo doo

          I agree with Lisa Marie: fart face makes valid points but his upper lip smells like a butt crack.

          Instead of housing why not have affordable knitting stands or affordable trading stands where people could trade old tennis balls or maybe affordable recycling boxes where people could bring paper bags to be turned into affordable shirts and pants.

        • FartFace

          Lisa: You clearly have not taken the moderator’s comment to heart. I may have a fart for a face, but I also have feelings. Please recognize my humanity.

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        I’m really hoping that you can monitor the anonymous troll activity on here as well.

        • JamaicaPlainNews

          Thanks, Lisa Marie. As editor, I’ve deleted one comment that contained not just foul language but also personal attacks.

          Everyone, we’re neighbors here. Please keep it civil. Thanks.

      • Rio Paparazzo

        I think it is very disgusting for a business to grow next to a clinic that deals with addicts and mental problems that stand outside of their building. Also the Barlet Sq owner only hires young teens preferably white. Nothing will change

    • kinopio

      How does a dirt parking lot filled with dumpsters “uplift the community?”. There is a housing shortage. We need new development.

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        Read above about other options for uplifting a community rather than pushing them out and oppressing them by making their long term neighborhood too expensive to live in.

        Again, if you have actually seen the lot in question, you would know that it is infact not filled with dumpsters. It could be utilized by a developer, however, if you are talking about “housing shortage” then I can only imagine you are talking about AFFORDABLE housing. Because there are plenty of condos in Roslindale, Jackson Square, and Right there in Bartlett square that I am sure developers would like rich people to live in. Thus why he wants to make the bar so that he can make the community more desirable to ahem, young, urban professionals rather than FAMILIES.

        • kinopio

          I walk by that lot twice per day. It is gross and it is a waste of land.
          Popping out a bunch of kids doesn’t give someone more of a right to live somewhere than those that can’t or chose not to have kids. Paying for diapers instead of paying market rate for rent doesn’t make someone a hero.

        • FartFace

          Judging by sales patterns, there is a clear lack of housing supply for middle and upper income residents (sorry, but it’s true). That’s why all the units in the neighborhood are selling for over asking price. Developers aren’t creating the demand for nicer properties in this area, they are responding to it. People want nice places in JP and are willing and able to pay for them.

          (Also, you mentioned Jackson Square, where as we speak about 9 trillion new affordable units are being added to the huge supply that’s already there.)

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