Manhole Problem Sparks Outages in Pondside, Hyde Square

An equipment failure beneath Moraine Street caused power outages in the surrounding area Monday night into Tuesday.

Rhiannon D’Angelo of the utility Eversource said the problem took place about 9 p.m. Monday. At its peak, more than 350 customers lost power, she said. Half of those had power restored within two hours.

Resident Alex Carson Tweeted, “smells like straight up bbq over here.”

Eversource maintains an outage map which allows customers also to report power cuts.

  • paul

    Eversource was messing around in the same man-hole earlier in the day, so I’d venture a guess to say they’re responsible for the failure. Also, it was on Parkton Rd, not Moraine St. I had no idea if my phone would charge overnight and there was no other form of alarm clock so I had to sleep elsewhere. Power restored during the night so I returned to my house having all electronics on and blaring. Eversource once again screws us out of even more (not to mention their near triple price hike over this past year). Eversource is the worst.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks, Paul. I thought it was odd Eversource told us the problem was on Moraine when residents were reporting Parkton.