Join a ‘Human Chain’ to stop the West Roxbury Natural Gas Pipeline

Spectra Energy has broken ground on the construction of a natural gas pipeline that passes through Dedham and West Roxbury. Residents of Dedham and Boston are joining forces on Sunday July 26th to keep Spectra Energy from starting construction in Boston. 100+ people will be linking arms along the Dedham/Boston city line in order to symbolically block the pipeline. This event will be preceded by a worship service and a rally. Come join your fellow residents, concerned for our safety and future.

The flyer for the "Hands Across City Lines" Event
3:00 pm Worship Across the Pipeline with local clergy

(Gonzalez Field, 500 High Street, Dedham)

4:00 Rally with local elected officials

(at Gonzalez Field)

4:30 Walk to Dedham-West Roxbury/Boston City Line: Hands Across City Lines at 5530 Washington Street, West Roxbury.

You can get more information by reaching out to Alissa Zimmer at 617-640-730 or

  • Hugo_JP

    Hmm, I’m for getting better access to natural gas in our area. Would the protestors prefer we start burning more wood to heat our homes?

    • TBL123

      The AIM pipeline, including the West Roxbury Lateral offshoot, is different. The gas is fracked, so it contains chemical contaminants. The metering/regulating station will be across the street from an active stone quarry, risking explosion. The pipeline is large and high-pressure–750 psi–and, if it exploded, it would incinerate multiple city blocks in Boston and Dedham. This pipeline is opposed by Mayor Walsh, and Dedham has also filed a lawsuit. We already have natural gas in our homes, and if the gas supply is inadequate, the municipalities should fix leaks in the existing distribution pipes. The energy industry prefers to distribute more gas for their own profit.