How the Chicken Crossed the Street

Hi, has anyone found a good way to get around the Forest Hills T station, specifically how to get from the Hyde Park entrance to South St towards Centre St, when the crosswalks are all blocked off (such as when they do night work)? I cross at Hyde Park/New Washington/Washington and then have to walk along side new washington (parallel to the southwest corridor). This area is isolated because of the tall grass which blocks visibility from the street, and especially in the evenings feels a bit unsafe. Any good alternatives?

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  • Hyde Park Ave > Station > South St @ VFW hall > cross to Toole Square park across street > walk north along western side of South using the pedestrian-activated signals and crosswalks. They work – wait for the cycle. That route will be briefly unavailable when the steel over South St comes down.

    Even if the weeds were whacked along SW Corridor Park (which they should be) sight lines behind that wall will not be good until the new northern plaza is complete next year. Hope that helps.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks, Clay!

      • I sent a note off to the Casey project’s public outreach guru Nate Cabral-Curtis and… Presto!! The weeds have now been whacked! Tip of the hat to him and (presumably) the Barletta Heavy Division crew.

        • FartFace

          Squeaky wheel. I’ve also found the Citizen’s Connect app to be pretty great for small annoyance issues like this that have been overlooked or unnoticed by city maintenance. They are usually very responsive.

    • swati joshi


      • Meant to say: Through (rather than to) the station. Well lit, security cameras, friendly guards on duty. Only danger = Donuts. 😉