James’s Gate Has Closed

Pour one out for James’s Gate: The Irish pub on South Street has seemingly served the JP community for the final time.

According to a sign posted on its doors this afternoon:

Dear faithful patrons,

We regret to inform you James’s Gate had to close its doors.

Thank you all for all your support over the years.

We will miss all and hope to see you around the JP community.


James’s Gate staff.

The pub has been open since 1997, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, which had the initial report on the closure.



  • J. Radosta

    So shocking and disappointing. It was our favorite restaurant in JP. The food was great, and the staff wonderful. I hope they find a way to reopen.

  • Christian O’Brien

    This is completely bonkers! What the hell happened?!

    • zeldazap

      I was going to ask you that! I’m so confused. More so than usual.

      • zeldazap

        Oh and it’s Kate Shea who was about to ask you that. lol

      • Christian O’Brien

        Hi Kate! Yeah nobody seems to have the full story on this. It’s sad and confusing.

  • James Levins

    I had a feeling something was up with the air conditioner on the dining side not working all summer, but what a bummer. I had many great meals & pints at the James Gate & will miss it.

  • FartFace

    The Gate was the perfect pub. Warm, cozy, and friendly. I pray it will reopen, unchanged.

  • Angela

    I wonder what happened? It was my go to spot in the winter time. It will be sorely missed!

  • Patty

    That is too bad. I loved coming here and enjoyed the fireplace in winter and patio in summer. I will miss this place

  • Victoria Amador


  • FartFace

    Word on the street is that the two owners had some sort of falling out. No idea on the specifics, be they personal or financial.

  • Monster

    Any updates on why this happened or if there is a chance the Gate could be sold/reopened?

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Hi Monster, we’re still trying to learn what happened. If you hear, please let the neighborhood know!

      • Monster

        Cooling temps make me think of the fireplace. Any updates what happened; any glimmers of hope for a reopening?

      • jenuphoto

        i heard something about condos replacing the bldg…

        • JamaicaPlainNews

          We’ve heard that, too. Once we confirm it we’ll write a story.

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