My Daughter was Bitten by a Dog at the Lantern Parade This Past Saturday

It was not such a good experience for me!! My daughter got bitten by a dog and the owner left without even asking how my daughter was and without providing her information to get the dog records in regards to vaccines.

I ended up in children’s hospital and since we didn’t have the dogs records my 6 year old had to get the Rabies vaccine which were 3 shots that day and we will need to go back 3 more times within the next 2 weeks.

It was quick, we were next to the food tables where they were selling bread and cookies, the dog barked and snapped at my daughter who had bread on her hand. My daughter started crying and was in panic. I focused on calming down my daughter and went I turn around the dog and the owner was not there anymore.

I am just in shock and can’t believe this woman would leave. No sense of responsibility, and extremely insensitive. She was in her mid-30’s, blondish, and was wearing a red jacket. She had a small white dog. Most important I want all you residents be careful because this woman is in your neighborhood and around your children. I would love to find her to introduce my daughter and myself and explained how hard was this for us and how easy would have been if she would of provide her doc vaccine records. My email

[Editor’s note: We have not confirmed the allegations made here, but we are publishing it in hopes that the dog owner may see this post and contact the author.]

  • rb

    Sorry to hear this!

    • Malena

      I’m so sorry this happened to you but I’m not surprised. My neighborhood near the Beecher St. dog park is full of dogs now and although most owners seem to be considerate, there are others that are very inconsiderate – they don’t pick up after their dogs, they walk them without a leash, they let them bark and be aggressive to pedestrians. So even if they are not the majority, because the number of dog owners has risen, then the likelihood of inconsiderate owners who are jerks have also risen.

  • lcs

    I’m really sorry to hear and I hope your daughter is recovering after this trauma. Rabies vaccination is quite painful and you need repeated shots over few weeks. I received it myself.
    Because the lantern parade was a crowded and loud event near the food stands it’s possible that the dog owner didn’t even realize what happened. Hopefully she will come forward after reading about the incident.

    • Marcela

      She clearly saw what happen. That is the reason why I am shock she left

  • Alonsom

    Your dog bits a child and you walk away, not sure which is worse her lack of compassion or irresponsibility, to me its ignorance!