Receptionist and Hairdresser Positions Available

Miss Laura‘s is looking for the right fit! We are a neighborhood beauty parlor with a few posts to fill…

Receptionist- Friendly creative person wanted for a multi-tasking position. Phone skills, display work and general tidying are a few tasks desired but not limited to our daily regimen. Evenings and Saturdays a must.

Hair Dresser- Class 1 license required for a part time position. Hair dressing skills a must. We service a wide range of client in our relaxed homey atmosphere with a teamwork driven staff.

Please apply via email-

  • Patty

    I am not looking for a job but I do get my hair done here with Emily and this is a great salon. The staff is always super nice and I love the funky retro style décor so here is an endorsement for a neighborhood consumer.