City Councilors Boost Own Pay to $99,500

Boston’s City Council voted today to give itself nearly a 14 percent raise next year, elevating councilors’ salaries to $99,500.

According to Universal Hub, “Councilor Matt O’Malley (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury), who had voted against an earlier pay raise, said he would vote for this raise as a compromise — Council President Bill Linehan has urged a six-figure salary — but said that he and [Councilor Ayanna] Pressley would file a proposed ordinance to link councilor pay to the average household income of Boston residents going forward.”

The pay raise would have gone into effect next week even without a formal vote, but Councilor Michael Flaherty urged the council to take action today.

Read how each councilor voted on Universal Hub and the Boston Globe.

  • Monster

    That seems like a completely reasonable salary for a job with such a high level of responsibility.

  • Lynn McSweeney

    It’s not whether they “deserve” it; it’s whether we the taxpayers can afford it. There were many times I would have voted to give myself a commensurate raise, but alas, my employers didn’t go for it. And a fourteen-per-cent raise isn’t even related to yearly COLA. Hang your heads in shame, Councillors.

    • Monster

      It’s 14% overall, but it’s also the first raise they’ve gotten in almost a decade. That’s equivalent to an annual raise of approximately 1.7% per year. Adjust for inflation over that same period, and you’ll find they are being paid about $1,400/year LESS in real wages than they were in 2006.

      Not exactly outrageous, and not exactly a bad deal for taxpayers.

      • But what about the click-baity headline!?

        • Monster

          The internet requires a steady diet of petty outrage or it will collapse upon itself.

      • Lynn McSweeney

        Thanks for the extra information.