Property Tax Assessments Are Out — And Up in Jamaica Plain?

The city has released fiscal 2016 property value assessments, and there are some reports of Jamaica Plain property taxes leaping significantly from the year before.

The residential tax rate in Boston for 2016 dropped to $11.00 per thousand, down from $12.11 the year before. The residential exemption increased to $1,960.00, from $1,879.53. But that doesn’t stop property taxes from increasing if assessments rise quickly.

Assessments can be viewed on the city assessor’s website. Per the site, “The triennial public disclosure period for assessed values runs from Monday, November 16, 2015, to Tuesday, November 24, 2015. All values are estimated and subject to review and certification by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.”

Is anybody else in Jamaica Plain experiencing property tax sticker shock?

  • Hugo_JP

    Yes – my assessment rose 24% – but the tax rate went down about 10% and so with the slightly larger exemption, my net tax was up 22%.
    While I was assuming property taxes would go up, 22% was a bit of a surprise – but I guess that means my city services will improve by 22% also. Right?

    • JPK

      Ya, now with 22% more bureaucracy!

  • RA

    Yep, my assessed went up 200K. And I haven’t done anything to it. Taxes went up 15% over last year. I don’t get it. I’ll only benefit if I sell. Now I have to raise my tenants rates, sell or turn these into condos. I don’t really want to do that but I have no choice. Nice job Marty & the the city council **sarcarsm**

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