Two Shot Near Wyman and Centre Streets in Jamaica Plain

UPDATE: Police confirm that one of the victims has died.


Two people were shot near Wyman and Centre streets in Jamaica Plain and transported to Boston Medical Center, according to Boston Police Media Relations.

The shooting occurred around 6 p.m. just off Centre Street. BPD are currently searching for a suspect(s), said BPD Officer Rachel McGuire. Centre Street is closed between Hyde Square and Jackson Square while police conduct their investigation.

Universal Hub is reporting one victim was shot in the head, the other in the torso, and that one victim has died. The homicide unit has been called in.

A description of the victims and suspect(s) were not available immediately.

Jamaica Plain News will provide updates on the shootings.

  • Bobby

    It was not at 6 wyamn. I live at 6 wyamn and called it in. The shooting was at the pity parking lot on centre 3 doors down. One guy is dead in the parking lot the other was hit and ran up the road. He was stopped at westerly and screaming in the road was loaded into the ambulance. The presumed shooter jumped the fence and ran down Bolster street. Please remove 6 Wyman from the report

    • David Ertischek

      Thank you, Bobby. We have updated the story to say near Centre and Wyman streets.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks so much for commenting, Bobby. We’ve updated the location.

      • Marie

        With all due respect, I live on Wyman with two little boys and I have NO problem with the JP News including Wyman Street in the headline. It’s the closest cross street, and the alleged shooter ran down Bolster St right next to our house probably two minutes before I got my children home from school (on foot). Let everyone know this is an area to be policed more closely.

  • Pat Roberts

    Universal Hub reports the shootings as happening in the municipal parking lot on Centre Street, near Wyman Street. So the shooting was not on Wyman Street. For those of us who live on Wyman, that location change makes a big difference. Please at least read the information you are reporting from other places. You didn’t even have to go there to verify anything, just to read someone else’s reporting a little more carefully.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Hi Pat,

      Good to hear from you. In this case, the 6 Wyman address came from police, who we spoke to before posting, as is our practice. As the police and we get better info we’re updating the story.

      • Pat Roberts

        I wasn’t commenting on an address of 6 Wyman. I was and am unhappy because your headline still says the shooting was on Wyman Street, when it was on Centre near Wyman. Not the same, for those of us who live here. Would you please change the headline so it doesn’t say Wyman Street as the shooting location?

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