JP Man Arrested on Gun Charges After Shots Fired Near Police HQ

Gun recovered after shots fired near Tremont Street in Roxbury

Boston Police Department

Gun recovered after shots fired near Tremont Street in Roxbury

An investigation by Boston Police, notified of shots being fired just across the street from police headquarters in Roxbury early Saturday morning, led to the arrest of a Jamaica Plain man.

The ShotSpotter system went off in the area of 1176 Tremont St. at 12:05 a.m. Saturday. When police arrived, they saw a group of five men nearby, at 40 Raynor Circle. Here’s how police describe what happened next:

Officers approached the group to ask whether they heard or saw anything suspicious when one of the males broke away from the group and walked towards a parked motor vehicle. Officers observed the male crouch down next to the car, obscuring his waist area from the officers. Having made numerous arrests for firearm related offenses and being trained by the ATF in characteristics of an armed gunman, the officers believed that the male was intentionally hiding from officers and attempting to discard a weapon. As the officers got closer to the male they heard a clanking noise coming from under the vehicle consistent with a metal object hitting the pavement.

Police say they “gained control” of the person who’d crouched down at the car and found the weapon pictured above under the vehicle. It was loaded.

Police arrested Anthony Flores, 21, of JP. They charged him with unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition plus carrying a loaded firearm. Police identified the other four men and let them go.