‘Forest Hills Fine Wine’ Aims to Replace Shuttered Convenience Store

18-24 Hyde Park Ave., former home of the Forest Hills Mart, on Friday, Jan. 29, 2016.

Chris Helms

18-24 Hyde Park Ave., former home of the Forest Hills Mart, on Friday, Jan. 29, 2016.

A Hyde Park Avenue space that most recently housed a convenience store where you could get beer, wine and booze along with your salty snacks could morph into “Forest Hills Fine Wine.”

The proposal for 18-24 Hyde Park Ave. is among the items on tap at Tuesday’s meeting of the JP Neighborhood Council’s Public Service Committee. The meeting is at 7 p.m. in the community room at the E-13 police station at 3347 Washington St.

Formerly “Forest Hills Mart,” the location is currently empty, aside from old shelving. Onibella Inc. is asking for a transfer of the convenience store’s all-alcohol license. Jason Katz is listed as would-be manager of the wine store.

It is somewhat rare for convenience stores in Boston to be able to sell beer and wine, much less hard liquor, as Forest Hills Mart was allowed to do.

Also of interest at Tuesday’s meeting is a petition from La Rana Rossa, Brad Brown’s new restaurant in the former Cafe Bartlett Square space. We’ve covered the basic news about the pizzeria and cafe venture in previous posts. The 154 Green St. venture is asking for a license to sell beer and wine. The license, if granted by the various levels of neighborhood review and city bureaucracy, would also allow patrons to enjoy beer and wine on the patio. La Rana Rossa is kitty-cornered from Green Street Station.

  • Kerin

    I hope the new wine store owner will remove that ugly kitchen design sign hanging over the sidewalk. That business hasn’t been there for years.

    • Chris Helms


  • Kerin

    And NO NIPS, please!

    • Monster

      But empty nip bottles are practically a native species in the Forest Hills ecosystem. Without them, who knows what strange flora might invade.

    • jb123

      I attended the presentation Tuesday night- the new owner said he does not plan to make nips available.