Should Jamaica Plain Be Home to Boston’s Official ‘Latin Quarter’?

The stretch of Centre Street between Hyde and Jackson Squares, unofficially referred to as “Avenida de las Americas,” could receive official designation as Boston’s “Latin Quarter.”

During Wednesday’s City Council session, District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley, whose district includes Jamaica Plain, introduced not only his much-discussed “Puppy Mill Bill,” but also a resolution intended to honor the Latinos who have long called this section of Jamaica Plain home:

According to Universal Hub’s coverage of the session, the council agreed to consider bestowing the designation. Per UHub:

“O’Malley said Latin American immigrants have been moving to the area for 60 years, said 40% of the residents along the street speak Spanish in their homes and that 65% of the 125 businesses along the street are owned by immigrants.

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  • lbethcc

    It’s not clear how you’re supposed to vote, but I vote yes!

  • emitchells

    This sounds great to me but how about a similar designation in East Boston where a great many Latin American immigrants reside and have businesses?

    • Hugo_JP

      I agree. When I’ve been through East Boston it seems like the neighborhood along Meridian is a much more vibrant Latin/Latino/Hispanic district than Hyde Square.

      • James

        I really can’t speak to East Boston, but I’ve lived in H. S. for nearly 30 years. My very unscientific observational survey (eyes and ears) would conclude that there are fewer Latin people and Latino businesses in the Square since I moved here.

        • Malena

          I agree with you James. I have lived in JP since 1972 when I was young and at that time, we Latinos were replacing the Irish in JP. Lots has changed since then and every year I see less and less Latino businesses in the square. I agree with the sentiment but I don’t think it’s realistic anymore, unfortunately.

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