Boston Results: Clinton Bests Sanders, Trump Tops Rubio

Super Tuesday had a huge turnout around Boston and it appears that Hillary Clinton easily beat Bernie Sanders in the city. On the Republican side it looks like Donald Trump took first while Marco Rubio came in second.

As of 11 pm with 99% of votes accounted in the Democratic primary, Clinton took 57% of the vote, or 70,890 votes; Sanders received 41% of the vote, or 51,118 votes. There were 123,480 total votes cast with only two precincts not counted.

On the Republican side, with 22,007 votes cast, Trump received 40% of the votes, or 8,839 votes. Rubio placed second with 24% or 5,251, followed by John Kasich with 22% (4,937 votes), then Ted Cruz with 7% (1,728) and Ben Carson finished in a distant fifth with 1% (405).

It also appears that Clinton will take the entire commonwealth and Trump won Massachusetts, too.

  • Kolya Lynne Smith

    No No NO! Those are WRONG stats! Shame on you for joining the lame stream media! Wrong numbers completely! What the HELL! – – Shame on you for sharing false information! I want to know what source had those wrong number or if you made them up in your head! Hillary won by 1%!

    • Seth

      Take a deep breath. Let go of the caps lock button. And then read the title of the post.

      Clinton took 57% of the vote *in Boston*. And narrowly won MA overall.