Plan JP/Rox: Forest Hills to Host 15-Story Buildings

The plan for Forest Hills


The plan for Forest Hills

The once-in-a-generation planning effort that goes by the name “Plan JP/Rox” has started to produce specifics about what our neighborhood will look like. For Forest Hills, the transformation is already well underway.

Forest Hills: “Forest Hills is another gateway to the neighborhood,” said Dalzell. ” A large portion of it will come to the city from the MBTA”  when the Arborway Yard is subdivided. “More housing. More height,” Dalzell said “was first envisioned in 2007.” [during the Forest Hills planning process]

The mold for this area just outside the MBTA station area was set with no community opposition in 2013 when The Commons at Forest Hills was approved: four six-story buildings containing 283 apartments

A small town is proposed in the JP/Rox Plan with a high rise spine along Washington Street to match the Commons of apartment buildings from 15 down to 6 stories and back up to 15 stories from Casey Arborway to Brookley Road.   The plan recommends 985 new units.

Stonley Road: The focus of considerable  community debate over a proposed 5-story apartment building on this tiny cul de sac.

“We can introduce live-work housing for artists here,” said Dalzell. “It would be a culturally rich enclave; a be nice transition from the bigger buildings on Washington Street to a lower scale.”

To read more about the plan in general, and to find links to other posts about particular sub-neighborhoods, please read our main story.

John Dalzell explains the Forest Hills plan to Bill Reylt and Sarah Freeman

John Dalzell explains the Forest Hills plan to Bill Reyelt and Sarah Freeman

  • Kerin

    It’s odd that the rezoning doesn’t include the huge Laz parking lot at Forest Hills. Especially since there are reliable rumors that a developer has been meeting with the BRA about it. I wonder if it was discussed at the meetings.

  • JP.resident

    15-story buildings are out of scale for Jamaica Plain. It is a neighborhood of 3-family, 3-story buildings. The only winners here are developers.

    • Kerin

      So–we desperately need housing in 2016 but we should only build 3 story buildings because that’s what was built in 1916?

      Different centuries call for different solutions. Main roads like Washington St can handle height. Bring it on.

  • Hugo_JP

    How does the MBTA plan to accommodate all the additional riders from the new 15 story buildings between Jackson and FH who will be getting on the trains in the morning/evening? The trains are already packed at rush hour.

  • 30yo yuppie

    I’m moving to Forest Hills in September just across from the train and wondering – when will those buildings on Washington St. be complete? Also, when will the Casey overpass construction be done? and one last off-topic question — with 15 story buildings, will a Star Market, yoga studio, or coffee shop come? It would be great to have those on this side of the overpass in addition to Fandango and the coop..

    • Monster

      Is this a parody account? This is good.