‘Patriots Day’ Movie Filmed at Doyle’s in JP Thursday

Crews tarp Doyle's restaurant and pub on Washington Street in preparation for filming of the movie "Patriots Day" Thursday, April 14.

Jamaica Plain News

Crews tarp Doyle’s restaurant and pub on Washington Street in preparation for filming of the movie “Patriots Day” Thursday, April 14.

UPDATE: “Patriots Day” star Mark Wahlberg was indeed filming in Jamaica Plain Thursday night. See the update and photo below.

Get ready for your Hollywood close-up, JP: A scene for the movie “Patriots Day” was filming at Jamaica Plain’s historic and beloved Doyle’s restaurant and pub on Washington Street Thursday, April 14.

A Boston Police officer working detail outside the restaurant confirmed that filming was scheduled to occur later in the afternoon, and believes the scene might feature actors portraying police officers.

As of 11:30 a.m., crews on ladders were draping the exterior of the building with dark tarps to block out exterior light, a large equipment truck was sitting on Washington Street and security officers were keeping an eye on the area around the restaurant.

Traffic in the area is not expected to be significantly affected by the filming, the detail officer said, but it is possible there could be delays as additional film equipment and actors arrive later in the afternoon.

Doyle’s is closed all day Thursday, but will reopen Friday.

“Patriots Day,” which stars Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg, is based on the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013, almost three years ago to the day.

UPDATE: A JP resident who lives near Doyle’s reported seeing Wahlberg filming at the restaurant Thursday night.

“I saw [Mark Walhberg] outside of Doyle’s on Williams Street [around 10 p.m.],” Jenny Nathans told Jamaica Plain News. “He was filming a scene inside Doyle’s that required him to walk in the door, so he kept stepping outside and waiting to be called back inside for the scene. When he walked back inside, you heard a bunch of people cheering, which I’m thinking was in the script.”

A resident snapped a photo of Wahlberg outside Doyle’s.

Mark Wahlberg, star of the movie "Patriots Day," filmed at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain Thursday night, April 14.

Jonathan McCurdy, courtesy of Peter Cheung

Over on Jamaica Plain News’ Facebook page, readers are discussing the role of JP pubs, including Doyle’s, during and after the manhunt the week of the Marathon bombings.