City Council OKs Jamaica Plain as Home to Boston’s ‘Latin Quarter’

Boston’s City Council unanimously voted Wednesday afternoon to designate the section of Centre Street between Hyde and Jackson squares in Jamaica Plain as the city’s “Latin Quarter.”

Although the name of the stretch of Centre Street will not be renamed (it already bears Spanish-language “Avenida de las Americas” signs), the official designation could make the area eligible for state funds, says District 6 City Council Matt O’Malley, who represents JP and sponsored the proposal, reports Universal Hub.

The effort was spearheaded by predominantly Latino teens of the Hyde Square Task Force, a youth community development nonprofit in JP, who have been working with O’Malley on this issue for the past several months. 


Local Youth Lead Effort to Recognize Jamaica Plain as Boston’s Latin Quarter

Should Jamaica Plain Be Home to Boston’s Official Latin Quarter?

  • Maxanito

    I can understand why Latino teens would want their neighborhood to be designated Boston’s Latin Quarter, but JP isn’t predominantly Latino anymore. East Boston and Chelsea are the predominantly Latino neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods should have been selected. This is really too bad. The rightful neighborhood will lose out any of on the funds they deserved to get.

  • Hugo_JP

    A symbolic gesture. I don’t think it will change the steady march of gentrification.
    If the city does allocate some funds towards streetscape improvements in Hyde-Jackson, that may backfire as the improvements will give many landlords a new reason to raise rents in the district.

  • Malen

    I agree Maxanito. But recent reports show that Latinos are also being driven out of East Boston and Chelsea…Sigh….I think Lawrence, Lynn, Springfield and Holyoke, which clearly are not in Boston, will be the only cities deserving of such a designation.

    • Maxanito

      But let’s be honest, no one was disappointed when the previous population of Irish descent left the area. No one has ever wanted to designate any part of Boston “Little Ireland.” Irish Americans aren’t all that predominant in Boston anymore, but no one dares express any disappointment in that change. If anyone does express a sadness in their old neighborhood changing from mostly Irish like South Boston to a more “gentrified” one, or especially to another ethnic group, it’s considered racist. The double standards are mind boggling.