Letter to the Editor: ‘Resident-permit only signs are completely unnecessary here’

Thanks for the article on this subject [Permit Parking Comes to Moss Hill]. I am a resident here, too. I oppose the restriction on street parking. There was no street parking problem of any sort here before the signs went up and I don’t see why restrictive and exclusive legislation was suddenly imposed.

It seemed like one day someone was walking around with a petition, which my husband and I declined to sign, and within a few weeks the signs went up. Resident-permit only signs are completely unnecessary here. They are an unwelcoming and uncivic intrusion on the neighborhood. I would like to see proof of support for this measure by the required 51 percent of residents. What a shame to find a gated-neighborhood mentality imposed on our area.

Naama Goldstein

Moss Hill

  • patbilly

    I agree, Naama Goldstein. Our streets do not need these ugly signs, nor do visitors to the Arboretum or Jamaica Pond need to have their parking banned or restricted. Welcome to our lovely neighborhood, dear traveler, and enjoy Boston’s beauty.

    • kinopio

      People visiting the Arboretum should take the T. Its literally right next to the park.

  • Malena

    Totally agree. Perhaps immediately around a train spot, but otherwise, no. Thankfully, where I live in central JP is so far free of those signs. The inconvenience to homeowners is huge – going every year to City Hall to get a sticker plus having to worry about where visitors and family can park when they visit. One time I had to go to a meeting in someone’s house which was surrounded by those signs. Thankfully, I didn’t get a ticket but got a very nasty note on my windshield even though there was plenty of other space on the street. Another sign of territorialism in JP.

  • paul

    Sucks to see the signs go to a neighborhood that doesn’t need them. My area of JP could have used them during the winter. Parking was tight and people were cutthroat with their season-long space savers.

  • ad

    these signs were posted because the staff from the Faulkner hospital was taking up the entire street. There were also so many cars parked on the streets that the Manning school buses could not get up the streets or make turns It has nothing to do with arboretum visitors. Inform yourself before you jump to incorrect conclusions.

  • Mike

    I think its a great idea to install resident parking on all streets in Boston. First of all for everyone saying how hard it is to get a sticker, it couldn’t be easier not to mention, its FREE!! The cities website is greatly improved and everyone can apply online Second, the permits are only required Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. How hard can that be to plan around. Parking is a privilege not a right!! By better managing it we can take one step towards a cleaner, greener Boston.