UPDATE: ‘Little Library’ on Chestnut Avenue Reappears

Tiny Library at Chestnut Avenue and Paul Gore Street

Gretchen Van Ness

File photo: Tiny Library at Chestnut Avenue and Paul Gore Street

UPDATE: A resident reports the tiny library is back. And fully stocked.


Regular readers of Jamaica Plain News know we follow the neighborhood’s collection of Little Libraries. We recently learned the DIY leave a book/take a book depot at Chestnut Avenue and Paul Gore is gone.

Neighbors have been discussing the disappearance of the hand-made library on a Facebook group for Jamaica Plain.

Let’s hope if someone took it they’ll decide to bring it back.

  • Money is Powerful

    I am sorry. But this is not “news”. My bike got stolen. Should you guys write a piece about it?

    • Monster

      Was your bike a popular community resource? If so, then its theft deserves reporting!

    • rainydayinterns

      Were you on it at the time? Did they also take your community spirit?

  • Malena

    this is good news. I bring books up there all the time and take one or two if they interest me. I agree, they are such a gentle, smart, community resource. thank you to all who host them. BTW, this looks like a picture of the one which is between paul gore and forbes – the one that’s been missing is up on the hill towards green st and had a door.